For 10 days, turn one page each day till… your summer vacation!

10 Days Till my Summer Vacation! is a countdown book that anticipates summer vacation through a playful and interactive approach and is designed to help young children (aged 2 to 7) develop their understanding of time. Based on a memory game, the book features a growing list of objects, all evocative of summer vacation, and invites children to get ready for the departure day! Coloring the objects contributes to strengthening memorization in a fun way. The concepts of color and search-and-find are also featured.

10 Days Till my Summer Vacation! is the first book of a series that’s sure to delight any reader who takes pleasure in anticipating milestone events.

You can also find the book at Charlie's Corner children's bookstore, and in several independent bookstores in San Francisco.

It’s unusual and fun for younger kids to learn how to count down. It’s like waiting for a rocket ship of fun to blast off!
— Amazon Customer Review

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illustrations by Jeff Gomez

Imagine you are leaving for your summer vacation soon!
Which favorite object would you pack in your suitcase?