Book Back Cover

“Pack your suitcase”

Every day, the reader turns one page and discovers which new object is packed in the suitcase. Every day, he repeats and memorizes a growing list. 

This memory game is usually played orally. Try it during your trip!

How to play the oral game:

The first player thinks of a colorful object to pack and says, for example: “I pack my suitcase with a blue t-shirt.” The next player repeats the sentence and adds an object: “I pack my suitcase with a blue t-shirt and a yellow hat.” The game continues until someone can’t remember the list or makes a mistake. Keep playing until all players but one are disqualified.

“Develop your sense of time”

“When are we leaving?” “When is my birthday?” When young children are waiting for a special event to come, they ask these questions day after day! How can this book help them develop a sense of time?

- 1 page = 1 day

- 10, 9, 8, 7… young readers know precisely how many days are left until the departure day. They will proudly announce “I am leaving in 10 days!” “I am leaving in 9 days!”…

- The book is presented under the unique format of a calendar. Hang it on a wall!


“Every Day Turn One Page”

Every day, readers will discover a girl packing her suitcase and getting ready for her summer vacation… just like them!

Every day, a new situation - trip, fun activity, bedtime, … - will inspire the readers and make them think and talk about their own vacation.

10 days is the right time for young readers to get ready.

Hanging the book on the wall like a calendar is a unique and exciting reading experience!